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Kongsberg Spel og Dansarlag
is an organization that treasures Norwegian folk music in the form of playing, singing and dancing. The group is specially interested in tradition from the neighbouring district to Kongsberg, Numedal and Telemark.

Norway is a country of rich folk music traditions which has survived the passage of time and is still very much alive. Folk music is also closely assosiated with particular instruments.

Norwegian folk music may be devided into two categories: instrumental and vocal. Instrumental folk music is dance music (slåtter), and dances, which are sosial dances, are usually performed by couples, although there are solo dances as well, such as halling.

Svein and Anne

The most important folk instrument in Norway is the Hardanger fiddle. It is only to be found in Norway, and the fiddle dates back to around 1600 and differs from ordinary fiddle in many respects. The most important of these is that it has sympathetic strings. Ordinary type of violin has also been commonly used for folk music. Norwegian folk music for fiddle also reveals great variation in tuning. Other folk music instruments that are common in Norway are the Norwegian dulcimer, various flutes and jew's harp.

In Vocal traditions epic folk songs are most important form of vocal music in Norway. Although there are many types of epic folk songs, the most intriguing are medival ballads.

Sigbjørn and Tom

Kongsberg Spel og Dansarlag will show a combination of different music and dances with tradition from our district in Norway. This will be performed by artists where quite a few have good results, inclusive first prises, from the annual National Contest for Traditional Music.

Kongsberg Spel og Dansarlag

Hjemmesiden til ''Landslaget for spelemenn''

30. mai 1999
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